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Levitation: How to Guide and Levitation Reviews




n.[level up] - Syn. to float in air, rise above the ground, hover above the ground, escalate


Levitation is the illusive art of floating above the ground. At this guide site you will learn about the different methods of magic levitation, the David Blaine levitation and how to go about learning how to levitate.

You will also recieve various reviews of the different levitations on the market, including the King Rising Levitation, and the Elevator.

here are two methods to levitate. The first is to attempt to REALLY levitate... generally you sit cross-legged and meditate and this causes you to levitate (supposedly). The second method is to create the illusion that you are levitating... this is what WE are going to deal with
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Levitation at levitation.org: techniques on David Blaine levitation, levitating, and many methods of levitation.
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