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The Asrah Levitation is a magnificent looking and an extremely visual levitation. For people who perform stage magic – this would be a pleasant edition to your repertoire.

The effect
: The magician’s assistant lies on a table, before being covered by a cloth. Slowly, yet visually the assistant “floats” several feet into the air. The finale of the Asrah is simply breath taking, without any knowledge of anything going on, the spectators witness

the assistant simply vanishing in mid-air. There are two different performances which can be utilised. One requires stage rigging, and one can be accomplished without it – but appears a little less magical and less visual than the before mentioned version. However, both versions look absolutely impossible and will give your stage reputation a major boost.

s t r o n g - p o i n t s :
*Is extremely visual and looks beautiful.
*After the initial “floating” it can be viewed completely surrounded – so  angles are good.
*In one of the versions it requires no special lighting  or rigging.

w e a k - p o i n t s :
*Is strictly a stage levitation, so places to perform   are very limited.
*Requires a lot of rehearsal and preparation before hand.
*The price is VERY high.


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