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David Blaine Levitation

Before Blaine released “Street Magic”, many people thought of magical levitation’s as illusions which utilised large gimmicks in stage shows. To lay persons, performing levitation in a real life situation would seem impossible and impractical.

This exact reason was what spurred the interest of millions across the globe, resulting in shock and major interest in amateur magician, David Blaine. Countless people referred to him as “Satan”, people genuinely separated his levitation away from his magic –they were that intrigued.

In all reality, David did not possess any magical powers whatsoever, he simply took advantage of the wonderful Balducci Levitation. Many believe the method behind the Balducci was first released in a 1974 issue of the Pallbearer’s Review. The name of the effect arose as it was credited to Ed Balducci in the particular magazine. However, Ed explained that the method was taught to him by a man named Erwin Levine.

Interestingly enough, Erwin had no idea on who the genuine originator was. This may be one mystery which cannot be answered. From this knowledge, you are left asking how long ago the effect was actually created. Maybe it rooted from thousands of years ago, and could have even been created by our own tribal ancestor (who knows?).

To clear things up, David did actually perform the Balducci to his spectators, but on a few occasions during “Street Magic”; the end result was different. The footage of David Blaine levitating several feet off the ground has it’s own explanations – and is not a marketed effect. However, the Balducci levitation is found to be sold in many places, and often in packages. Ellusionist’sHow to do Street Magic” is highly recommended if you are new to magic and would like to learn the Balducci and many other fine effects.


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