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Self Levitation

Self Levitation is a specific type of levitation, which involves one levitating in thin-air. It is debatable whether Self Levitation can be performed spiritually, however, there is no denying many magicians govern the ability to seemingly rise several feet in the air, without the use of “special powers”. David Blaine was one of the first to bring Self-Levitation into the mainstream with his spectacular alternative to the Balducci levitation. Millions of people around the world witnessed Blaine rise into the air, in the middle of the street and in front of real people. This led to a huge amount of public interest into Self-Levitation and in present day there are thousands of Internet suppliers marketing videos and gimmicks on how to levitate.

Many of these Internet suppliers do not set honest prices, and many videos are difficult to learn from and with very little production values. However, there are many revolutionary Self-Levitating effects, which consist of outstanding teaching methods.

Ellusionist’s King Levitation is without a doubt the leading impromptu self-levitation effect in the market, being praised by thousands of satisfied customers, as well as professional magicians including award winning Brian Gillis. Other recommended effects include Peter Loughran’s “The Elevator” which performed by a different method but is not "impromptu" and involves a "set up" - but creates a nice looking effect.

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