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Balducci Levitation

The Balducci Levitation is an illusion that can be performed almost anywhere, anytime.

Below is the Audience's point of view.

The performer stands at a distance of 2-3 feet away from the spectator and then slowly starts to ascends and thus begins to leave the ground base.

His spectator can clearly see him in the air without the aid of any visual support and then after couple of seconds the performer crashes back to the ground.

This is one of the best impromtu levitation ever devised and also was performed in a magic special by DAVID BLAINE himself.

s t r o n g - p o i n t s :
* can be performed any time any place,
* looks absolutely beautiful,
* is quite easy to master,
* can be repeated again,
* uses NO gimmicks,

w e a k - p o i n t s :
* very, very angle sensitive,
* is too common NOW (believe us that's a weak point)


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