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The History of Levitation

Before the world became scientifically advanced with knowledge, people often believed in strange phenomenons. The ability to “float” or “levitate” has been recognised with great interest throughout the ages. Spectacular stories and even realistic events have been recorded in history. Different classes and races of people have enjoyed the power of levitation, whether it be African tribal leaders, or world famous magicians such
as David Blaine and Copperfield.

Monumental religions, including Christianity and Islam have reported extreme magical powers – including levitation. The biblical references often hold fascinating stories behind them. It is believed that in the first century a man named Simon Magnus levitated himself in view of St. Peter as a challenge to prove he possessed magical powers. Levitations were also documented many years before the creation of Christianity, in the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism. Levitations during the medieval period were also not rare occurrences, and were often connected with “dastardly practices” such as witchcraft. Had David Blaine performed his levitation during the medieval era, I’m sure he would have been brutalised by the locals.

As many centuries passed – the ideas of levitation were not dissolved, and lived on. During the late 19th century Levitations were often connected with poltergeist cases. Spiritualism also helped in promoting the phenomena. The infamous Daniel Dunglus astonished hundreds of people after allegedly levitating out of a third-story window. Had David Copperfield performed his levitation over the Grand Canyon at this period of time – I’m sure he would be remembered as the great Satan!

With the sudden advance in intelligence and technology – acts of Spiritualism, such as levitating were often counted off as personal hallucinations or frauds. With this knowledge, magicians began incorporating self-devised Levitations into entertaining magical acts.

In present day, Levitation is often referred to as “street magic” and
has lost its spiritualistic attributes.

However, statistics show that a large number of people in the modernised
world still believe in real life levitations. If one were to visit the inhospitable areas of tribal Africa and South America one would come across daily occurrences of spiritual acts such as levitation. Whether the accounts are real is questionable – but the power of levitation is definitely not to be mistaken.

Present day – Now, every man, woman or child can recreate powerful history by learning to levitate. There are plenty of resources available, and you can’t go wrong with current marketed effects including Ellusionist’sKing Rising Levitation” and Peter Lougran’s “The Elevator”.

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