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King Levitation

"The effect is easily the best I've seen of any levitation. Simply amazing."
- Tyrone Kirk, NV'"

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In looks and effect, King Levitation beats the Balducci Levitation, but the Balducci wins for over-all do-it-anywhere-any-time action. It is totally impromptu and has the same anytime any place nature.

The inventor Corey King has done a great job with his NEW levitation, which is carried exclusively by a street magic site called ellusionist.com.

Sold exclusively at ellusionist.com this levitation is a relief to all those levitation freaks who were looking for minimizing the drawbacks of the BALDUCCI levitation & at the same time didn't want use gimmicks  but experience the same IMPACT, POWER and also the great view of you levitating.

The best thing is that the spectator can see both your feet in the air (check out the picture above) and it utilizes absolutely NO GIMMICKS.

I M P A C T : the performer talks about harnessing power from the earth.  He asserts that a technique has been found to rise off the ground - just a few inches - and they will see this happen visibly.

The performer is seen to rise three to four inches - and hover - momentarily.  He immediately walks forward to the spectators and they can examine his feet, shoes, and anything about him -- there is nothing to find because there IS nothing.

There is no surprise element.... you TELL the spectators what you are about to do, then they watch you DO it.  This is not the Balducci, Zero Gravity, or any other.

The incredible effect can be done on the street or indoors and BOTH feet are seen to go off the ground.  


s t r o n g - p o i n t s :
* can be performed any time any place,
* looks absolutely beautiful,
* is quite easy to master,
* can be repeated again,
* uses NO gimmicks,

w e a k - p o i n t s :
* a little angle sensitive,
* needs good misdirection.



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