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Learn to Levitate

In it’s rawest form, learning to levitate can be accomplished through a number of ways. In Buddhism it is believed one can learn to levitate himself through spiritual meditation, which involves a complete focused state of mind. In isolated areas of Asia there are apparently many accounts of this phenomena taking place.

Crossing continents to Africa and South America, many members of tribes practice magical acts, such as levitation. Unimaginable feats take place within tribal areas, and records of African inhabitants lifting themselves, along with other physical possessions, such as cows are not rare occurrences.

Whether these personal accounts are realistic is questionable, but there is no denying the fact the illusion of levitation can be created through modern magic and presentation.

David Blaine astonished millions of jaw dropped TV viewers in his “Street Magic” special where he levitated several feet in the air, with no assistance and in front of real people.

David Blaine utilized modern techniques, which can be perfected by the youngest and least talented of magicians.

Blaine’s particular levitation was the Balducci. This marvellous levitation can be perfected by anyone, any age. Ellusionist’s “How to do Street Magic” is a perfect place to begin, as it includes three forms of levitation. The Balducci, King Rising and how to “manipulate gravity” to allow items such as a leaf to levitate in mid-air.

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