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David Copperfield Levitation

David Copperfield is the world's most recognizable and established stage magicians. Some of the effects that transformed him into a household name were his creative and impossible variations of levitation.

Out of Copperfield's seventeen amazing specials, a spectacular fifteen of them include different forms of levitation. His most recognisable ones include the visually impossible 'Floating over the Grand Canyon' and his stage 'flying', which is performed live. His live performance was marvellous and to assure of no secret wires being utilised, Copperfield even enters a transparent glass box whilst still floating. Watching David take part in levitation in person is breathtaking, and is a fraction of the reason he is what he is today.

If you have any one of Copperfield's specials, then wipe the dust off the video, pop it in the video player and relive his levitation one more time, and rediscover why Copperfield is still the world's number one magician, of any category. If you have the chance to visit one of his live shows, then don't miss out on the opportunity, the stage shows are astonishing.



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