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Introducing The Elevator Levitation from Peter Loughran, the last word on self-levitation suspension!

After such a long time people around the globe can now actually have a levitation that is somewhat angle sensitive.

It's been advertised as the “The Ultimate Street Levitation" and guess what it is. This is one levitation you need to buy if you are tired of all those levitations out there that claim to be the BEST but sadly turn out to be a disappointment. This makes your LEVITATION effect as close to real magic as it can get.

Imagine, at any time during your act, whether you perform close-up, on stage, or on the street, you simply rise a full 3 - 4 inches above the ground, all

without the angle problems and viewing distance restrictions seen in other self-levitations on the market. Simply put, The Elevator is Peter Loughran's new mechanical marvel levitation device that allows you to levitate while facing your spectators, and it can be viewed from the front and the sides! See the photo above.

If you are looking for an affordable street levitation that works for real people in real situations, then be sure to check out this incredible and clever levitation device. The Elevator comes complete with special mechanical levitation device, instructional video, and fully detailed manuscript 

s t r o n g - p o i n t s :
*You can show the bottoms of your shoes both before and *after levitating.
*This is a “head-on” levitation, and people can see both of your feet several inches in the air.
*No cover is needed.
*It’s VERY angle-friendly. People can be watching from the front and both sides at the same time.
*No weight limit.
*No special shoes required—in fact, said the ads, you can do it barefoot.
*Can be performed inside or out—no special surfaces or lighting required.
*3-second setup and instant and automatic reset.
*A mid-air rotation is possible. (that's awesome)

w e a k - p o i n t s :
* Well, you can't just perform and walk away, (people who own it know what we mean)
* Price is too high for any one who is skeptical but serious to buy it,
* You've got some serious practice problems. (but it's well deserved one)

NOTE: Make sure you don't KICK yourself after you open the package. . . .you'll know why.


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