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Science and Levitation

It may seem science and magic are two completely opposite things, however, they are in fact very similar. Although magical illusions such as levitation appear to break the laws of physics – they are actually simply using the laws of physics to their advantage, through deception.Taking world-famous illusionists Siegfried and Roy as an example. They have awed audiences’ worldwide with their single levitation routine, in which they together, appear to lift a beautiful lady into the air without their hands going anywhere near her. Although the levitation blatantly seems to disprove science, the method is based on wonderfully thought out and scientifically based mechanics.Magnet levitation is also something that has gone through a fair deal of debate and discussion. A few people believe that if you enter the centre of the earth and reach a strong magnetic field, you are naturally able to levitate. Whether this is absolutely true is questionable. However, the basis of magnetic levitation is utilised in modern trains.

A large number of people also believe levitation to be an actual possibility. Some believe through extensive meditation – a person can be in a state of mind, which allows them to do the impossible, including being able to seemingly float in the air. At the initial release of David Blaine’s “Street Magic” many people thought his levitation was some form of spiritualism, this was even evident by interviews through the spectators he performed his levitation for.

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