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Zero Gravity Levitation

Zero Gravity levitation is one of those levitations, which makes you levitate, and the audience can see both your feet off the ground but in the process it has lost it’s essence of being IMPROMTU.

After David Blaine started levitating in the TV special, magic shops were bombarded with purchases of levitation and hence came “Zero Gravity” to ensure that angle sensitivity in an attempt to produce a better levitation.

In this levitation you can levitate off the

ground and you spectators can see your feet above the ground from front as well as behind, something that is not at all advisable with Balducci Levitation.

When you purchase this levitation you get a set of instructions on constructing the special gimmick that facilitates this levitation but this is one gimmick you can’t carry with you everywhere, PLUS it takes some time to reset and also some place you need to be alone to reset the same.
s t r o n g - p o i n t s :
*Spectators can see both your feet in the air,
*Can be watched both from front as well as behind,
*Looks absolutely SPECTACULAR.

w e a k - p o i n t s :
* The gimmick is a PAIN, (can't say a well deserved one)
* Can't carry the gimmick with you. . .casually,
* It's hard to repeat the effect, (takes some time to reset)
* Little bit uncomfortable to perform,
* Actions made during the performance is quite FISHY,


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