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Magic and Levitation

The ability to levitate has usually been connected with magic, whether it be modern street magic or even strange practices such as black magic. David Blaine is one performer who has popularised levitation and bought it to the mainstream, levitation alone made Blaine’s name and transformed an amateur magician into a worldwide celebrity. Shortly after the release of Blaine’s first special, “Street Magic” many people closely associated his levitation as black magic, which goes to prove the power of illusion.Levitation however, does not only include self-levitation, with modern resources, such as Ellusionist, many people govern the ability to float objects such as dollar bills and credit cards.The beauty of levitation is the impact it has upon lay persons. When spectators watch card magic, they enjoy the effect, but also know the magician is performing some kind of sleight of hand. But with levitation, they have no other option but to believe what they are seeing is REAL. Levitation really digs the reaction out of people, even if they don’t regularly enjoy watching magic.

In the magic scene, there are many different variations and products relating to levitation. From wonderful self-levitations such as the King Rising, to other terrific levitations such as the Zombie ball and levitation of small objects. Ellusionist is a great place to begin for learning and performing the basis of levitation, you can perform powerful and different types of levitation within hours. Check out the “How to do Street Magic” video from Ellusionist.

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